All levels of businesses are facing challenges due to COVID-19. Public officials need to hear from you now. Please copy and paste, review, edit and sign the letter below as you see fit before submitting it to the following public officials.

Public Officials to contact:

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, or visit and submit your letter here:

Canada’s Minister of (Ottawa office), (Toronto office)

Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford,, or visit and submit your letter here:

Leader of the Official Opposition in Ontario Andrea Horwath,

Toronto Centre MP, Suze Morrison,

City of Toronto Councillor Ward 13, Kristyn Wong-Tam:

Drafted Letter to send now:


Dear ____________,

I’m appealing to you as the business operator/manager of _____________ in Old Town Toronto and the St Lawrence Market Neighbourhood Business Improvement Area. I am sure you agree that Small Businesses play a vital role in supporting our local economies and the Canadian way of life. Over the past several years this group has been largely overlooked – BUT now is the time they need you more than ever – their survival is imperative as this group of people will play a vital role in rebuilding our amazing country and bringing back community “spirit” and togetherness when this pandemic and physical distancing is over. 

Small businesses employ millions of Canadians and help serve as the backbone of community and economic life. If these businesses aren’t saved from ruin over the next few months, local businesses will need to be rebuilt from scratch with new owners and “neighbourhoods” will suffer for years to come.

The Challenge

  • Hundreds of thousands of Canadian small business owners have effectively lost their jobs due to COVID-19 either because revenue has drastically reduced or from being required to close
  • Expenses (rent, utilities, etc) remain with no protection if they default
  • Many business owners have personal guarantees on leases or other business assets and have ZERO protection if they default 
  • Those open, are struggling to pay staff (the 10% government contribution isn’t enough to balance the loss of revenue)

Immediate Request (needed NOW)

  • Small business owners need cash, and they need relief on their expenses — especially rent
  • Provincial Government: needs to immediately order the banning of lock-outs by commercial landlords if a tenant cannot pay rent due to COVID-19 and provide off sets to landlords with federal funding help.
  • Federal government: needs to order a financial lockdown country wide so all payments freeze including rent, mortgages, taxes etc. until we get through this – not a downloading to some and not others
  • For businesses that have been able to keep some employees, they need enhanced wage supports similar to those in other countries

Medium/Long-term Recommendation – Main Street Bailout

Only strong immediate action by governments, large financial institutions and insurance companies will ensure Canada’s small businesses survive this devastating time. In order to ensure small businesses not only survive, but can thrive when social distancing is over we encourage you to consider the full Proposal for a Main Street Bailout

Thank you for taking the time to hear from me and for taking the immediate action needed.