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Welcome to Old Town Toronto

Old Town is a neighbourhood and retail district in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was the first of Toronto’s named neighbourhoods, having acquired the moniker no later than 1815, at which time the original town of York was expanding.

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They go by many names. Papa, pops, father, and even pappy if you’re some kind of prospector from the 1800s. But here at Old Town Toronto…well, we like the name Dad.  Father’s Day is upon us and on this day we salute the Dads in our life who give us advice when we need it,…

June is officially our favourite month. You can go outside without a parka (most days) and the blanket of humidity that covers our beloved city during the hottest summer days, well it has yet to arrive. It is also the month we choose to celebrate fathers and father figures, be they fathers to humans, pets…

With times being as uncertain as they are, heck, after more than a year of this uncertainty, we’ve been feeling a little mystical lately and thought hey, why not consult the divine powers for some answers and look towards one of the oldest divination methods there is, the tarot deck? Now, don’t get us wrong,…

Alright, look, since we’ve been in this lockdown after what was a very brief, glorious moment of having patios open (when was that? March? April? What even is time these days? We recall heat lamps and people wrapped up in blankets and the patios closing before the main course even arrived), it’s time to be…

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