On Saturdays, June through August, find historic reenactors and artisans in Old Town Toronto. This friendly group tours the area 12 noon to 3pm Saturdays, and are happy to chat with you about historic facts, their period specific attire, or snap a selfie. Their route/timing may alter based on activities at each destination, however, their casual itinerary is:

12noon – 1pm: St. James Park for a stroll then off to Berczy Park for a picnic.
1pm – 2pm: Market Street where they demonstrate different things such as quill writing, knitting, whittling, polishing buckles.
2pm – 3pm: Back through St. James Park, where they just might invite you to partake in a game of croquet.

10am – 1pm on Market Street a different artisan sets up to demonstrate a historic skill/trade including barrel making, tin smithing, cobbling, spinning wool, etc.