Ahem. Sorry about that. With Halloween coming so soon, we can’t help but get in the “spirit” of our favourite spooky day. In fact, we’ve been watching some classic horror movies to get in some pre-scares before the big day! But watching all those terrifying and monstrous creatures in the movies had us wondering: what would they do on their day off? Being a horrific monster is all well and good, but they must want a break from scaring folks and take a little me-time, right?

Thankfully, Old Town Toronto is the place to be for both monsters and humans and we have a few ideas about what some of the more famous movie monsters would do if they were in town!  


The Cenobites

Ah, the Cenobites, the primary figures in the Hellraiser series of films. Once human but now demonic beings, their sole purpose is to explore the very limits of pleasure. Sometimes they take it in a bit of a weird direction like in the movies, but we here at OTT can’t wait to show them such beautiful sights like the incredible salads at AAamazing Salad! Knowing that the Cenobite leader Pinhead doesn’t mind a bit of heat, we think he’ll love the Rainbow Wasabi bowl, which features yogurt wasabi & sriracha sauce for a nice spicy bite.

And for a dessert that transcends pleasure they’d have to pick up a Spooky Sweet Platter from Edible Arrangements, that features white chocolate-dipped pineapple cakes, semisweet chocolate-dipped strawberries, a bundle of plump grapes and more to indulge the senses! 



Now, is Chucky a doll possessed by the soul of a horrible serial killer? Yes. Is he and the rest of the films in the Child’s Play series responsible for the person writing this post developing a lifelong fear of dolls? Well it was him and the Puppetmaster movies, but yes. HOWEVER! Credit where credit is due, he’s also a family man (see Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky) and looks out for the kids that cross his path, most recently young Jake in the television series simply titled Chucky

As the show is filmed in Toronto and they’re in town, we’d like to think the evil doll’s paternal instinct would kick in and he’d take Jake to Toronto’s First Post Office to learn a bit about the importance of the post office in the developing city and how Toronto grew to the metropolis it is now. They might also stop by the gift shop to peruse the Post Office’s Spooky Season collection!

And to cap off the day Chucky would probably go to The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro and treat Jake to a Hipster Burger (Caramelized onions, avocado & havarti cheese) and a “Shake What Your Brownie Gave Ya” milkshake for takeout so he can enjoy it while admiring the view of Berczy Park. And while Jake’s eating, Chucky will probably have to take care of something and will be right back.


Count Dracula 

Ah, Dracula, Bram Stoker classic vampire character whose passion is only matched by his hunger for blood.

As we know from the story, Count Dracula moved to England to be in a more globally central area. So as an immortal vampire of massive wealth, it goes without saying that he’d have a home in the most central city in Canada. And if he’s got a place here he’ll need some interior design that matches the opulence that comes with the title of Count, so naturally he’ll be heading to experts at Noda Designs. From consultations and lighting design (Note: NO natural light) to planning and custom furniture design, Noda will put their travel-inspired skills to use in making Dracula’s home away from home look like an extension of his very essence.

Also he’ll probably pick up a few small items, like these “So are we eating our feelings or drinking them?” cocktail napkins.


The Babadook

The most recent creature to the horror genre on this list, the Babadook is a monster that lives in the house of Ameilia and her son Samuel and is summoned through a storybook. Outside of the movie he’s beloved by many, even becoming a popular LGBTQ+ icon.

When not terrorizing families by being a physical representation of unresolved loss, grief, and resentment, we like to think that the Babadook would spend some downtime sipping on a delicious iced salted caramel latte from Balzac’s Coffee Roasters on Market Street and reading Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston for a nice bit of romantic escapism.


Freddy Krueger

Let’s be honest here, going on a rampage attacking teenagers in their dreams in the Nightmare on Elm Street series is a LOT of work and even the king of nightmares gets a little tired! To have Freddy feeling at ease so he can grab a little shuteye for himself we’d suggest a traditional Thai massage at Bahn Thai Spa. The practitioner’s use of their thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet to apply a combination of acupressure, gentle rocking, joint and spine mobilizations, fascial stretch therapy and assisted yoga stretches should relax Krueger to no end and the gentle rhythms of the movements will go a long way in lulling him to a restful sleep. 

And to ensure he’s down for the count and off to slumberland, we’d suggest he stops by Everyday Gourmet in St. Lawrence Market to pick up some Taylors of Harrogate organic chamomile tea.

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