Whether you’re visiting for the first time or have lived here for years, it’s not hard to recognize the unwavering loyalty and fierce dedication Torontonians have for their own neighbourhoods. Everyone has their own preferences of what’s fun, but it pays to think of Toronto neighbourhoods as a close-knit group of friends. They’re all different, but each one brings something unique to the table that makes the friend group as a whole that much better. 

So, this got us thinking, what type of friend is each neighbourhood?

From the family-friendly to the finance-savvy, here’s some of the neighbourhood characters we think help achieve the squad goals of the TO Friend Group.


The eldest of the group, OTT is the wise, open-minded friend who leans a little towards the old school in tastes but is always up for enjoying something new and exciting. When the rest of the group can’t decide what to do, they always pipe in with great advice on hidden local gems, like catching a flick at Imagine Cinemas Market Square or stopping off for a pint or three at PJ O’Brien’s

Their mornings always start with a cup of coffee at the award-winning Fahrenheit Coffee and a walk with their Instagram-famous dog at Berczy Park (hashtag DogsOfOTT). If you ever stop by their apartment for dinner, you’ll be treated to a wide selection of fresh foods and comfort eats picked up from nearby St. Lawrence Market.

As far as friends go, OTT is as honest and dependable as they come and always loves bringing out the best in people. 


The Financial District is your friend who works hard, plays hard, and will talk your ear off about Bitcoin. They’re always a little disappointed you don’t show up to hangouts wearing a suit, but they get that not everyone is about that bespoke life. 

If you’re in the neighbourhood on a work day, they’ll be happy to descend their glass tower and grab lunch with you at Mossop’s Social House or an espresso at Pret A Manger. You appreciate how excited they get when they talk about the hustle and bustle of the financial world- they’re always looking for a good investment opportunity. They will wax poetic on dividends and the magic of compound interest (for your benefit, of course) and always pick up the tab. 

The Financial District may be glued to their phone,  but they’re always down for a respite from the rat race.


Although they’ve calmed down a bit since becoming a parent, Queen Street West still knows how to let their hair down and have a good time. 

They know the names of every bouncer, bartender, and server by name and always have a new story to tell. When they’re not on the hunt for new and used vinyl at Kops Records, they’re taking you out for drinks and a killer concert at the Horseshoe Tavern.


Roncesvalles Village is that friend who is mostly quiet on the group chat but is low-key one of the most interesting people you know. They cannot walk down any street in Toronto without saying hello to people and always come to a party with fresh home-baked bread and a selection of locally sourced cheeses from the Thin Blue Line Cheese

About once a month they’ll bring up the recent niche movie playing at the Revue Cinema and entice the group with an offer to go, but they’re happy to go along with whatever plan there is.


Need to get into Century but don’t want to wait in line? Call your friend King Street West and they’ll have you in faster than you can say “Darling, how ARE you???”

King Street West is the intuitive weekend-loving friend who can get into any club and knows which bar or lively food spot to go to based on factors that range from mood and personal taste to local weather and time. And if you’re looking for something laid back after a night of club-hopping, they’ll take you down to Ruby Soho for a chill meal and drink.

All in all, King Street West loves things loud and lively and is always happy to take their friends along for the ride.

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