You’re probably familiar with the term “aesthetic” when used to describe a distinct art or design style, like “Mid-Century Modern,” “Rococo,” or “Baroque.” How about the indie aesthetic? Or soft girl? And what on earth is goblincore? Aesthetic Types are helpful descriptors of niche personal styles that incorporate fashion, design, and lifestyle preferences. Do you spend a lot of time playing video games and love rocking brightly dyed hair and graphic tees? You may be an e-girl. Do you carry a canvas tote wherever you go, have a Matcha addiction, and too much macrame? You could be a Boho Babe. As there are well over 800 aesthetic types, we couldn’t cover them all, but we’ve chosen three popular aesthetics to create perfect outings in Old Town Toronto. 


You may be a soft girl if…

  1. Lana Del Ray was in your Spotify Wrapped playlist.
  2. You watch The Notebook, Love Actually, and/or Clueless at least once a year.
  3. Your wardrobe is stocked with cozy neutrals, pastels, and sweet little sundresses. 

You may be a soft girl, but that doesn’t mean you’re soft. Start off your perfect Sunday with an invigorating Hips and Hamstrings drop-in at the Yoga Lounge for $25. After class, pop over to Versus Coffee and sip on an Iced Matcha Latte while filling out your Five-Minute-Journal or reading the latest Nicholas Sparks novel. The cafe’s airy, tranquil decor is the perfect backdrop to spend the afternoon dreaming up scenarios where you and the cutie who just ordered a cappuccino fall madly in love. If you do happen to hit it off with Cappuccino Cutie invite them out for a cocktail at The Reservoir Lounge– a cozy hideout with live jazz and blues five nights a week.  


Your aesthetic may be goblincore if…

  1. You often find your pockets filled with nifty little rocks, bits of sea glass, or orphaned buttons.
  2. You’re obsessed with David Bowie.
  3. Your closet is filled with earth-toned hand-me-downs and thrifted pieces. 

Goblincore is all about keeping cozy, appreciating nature, and honouring the feral goblin of chaos that lives in your heart. Let’s start your day by dropping just $5.50 for a world-famous apple cake and a regular coffee (black-two-sugar) from Mystic Muffin; a no-frills coffee counter at the corner of Jarvis and Richmond. Make your way to Wildlife Thrift Store as you unceremoniously shove the pastry in your mouth, peeking into the shop window of Kochi Gifts on the way to admire the display of comfy robes and shiny hostess gifts. Once you’ve downed your coffee and polished off the cake crumbs head into Wildlife for a nice long browse of their collection of overalls, button-downs, and miscellaneous tchotchkes. After you’ve secured your purchase of a haunted-looking porcelain figurine you don’t have space for, treat yourself to a loaded Falafel Wrap for $7.99 from Shawarma House. Exercise restraint and wait to eat your sandwich until you’ve reached St. James Park, where you can people-watch and make up names for the local squirrels. 


Your aesthetic may be Dark Academia if…

  1. Your robust selection of loose-leaf tea is rivaled only by your antiquary (rare book) collection.
  2. You wish it were autumn all year round. 
  3. Your fondness for tweed and thick woollen sweaters borders on obsession.

After you’ve donned your all-seasons tweed jacket and slipped into your comfiest Oxfords, you start your day by dropping by the St. Lawrence Library– the entrance to which is easy to miss for non-bibliophiles- to pick up your latest holds and check out the “What’s New” section. Once your vintage-leather messenger bag is full of fresh stories, it’s time to find a nice quiet spot to read. Black Canary Coffee is a cozy, intimate cafe on Sherbourne with a tempting selection of decadent specialty coffees. After finishing your Honey Oat Latte and putting a good dent into your book, you ring up a friend to meet you for a pint at C’est What. The cozy pub/brewery is the perfect place to jaw their ear off about your recent read while enjoying a classic English Special Bitter. 

Which “perfect day” would you choose: Soft Girl, Goblin Core, or Dark Academia? The good news is you can try all three! Do you have an aesthetic you’d like us to plan a day for? Hit us up on Instagram and let us know: @oldtowntoronto. And don’t forget to check out our directory of local businesses in Old Town Toronto here.  

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