Here in Old Town Toronto, we care about sustainable consumption. It’s just the approach that makes the most sense from all perspectives; it helps the environment, the economy, and the growth of our sense of community. Besides these excellent reasons to shop local, there’s the fact that Old Town Toronto has all kinds of brilliant and unique vendors and retailers – and not just for food.

We’ve got great places to buy fresh and local produce, and we’re fiercely proud of that. Fiercely. But we have no shortage of shops, so Old Town Toronto is a lot more than its groceries. For example; do you know the trendy clothing shops, boutiques, and retailers we have around Old Town Toronto? Dare we say we have some of the best places to pop in if you’re looking to spruce up your outfit or find a fresh, new look? Yes, we do dare say.

There’s never a bad time to go for a stroll around Old Town Toronto and see where you end up… but for the more goal-oriented shopper, here are some of the places to add to your list.

David Mitchell Studio

Before we even touch on fashion, let’s talk about architecture and design. David Mitchell Studio is situated in a beautifully restored Second Empire heritage building, so that in and of itself is something to feast your eyes on. The interior is chic, spacious, and modern. You know the kind of place that makes you feel ritzier just by being inside it? Like that. Pair this with Cynthia Mitchell’s exquisite taste and you’ve got yourself a must-visit Old Town Toronto location. Oh, and in case we didn’t mention; David Mitchell runs his hairstyling studio from the same building, so you can also leave with a new do!

MADE Custom Menswear

Gentlemen; if you don’t own a good suit then what are you even doing? Get yourself down to MADE and get a custom suit tailored specifically to your look. At MADE, it’s a simple, straightforward process; go in, get styled, get fitted, get made. (It’s right there on their website). Also, MADE understands that suits are a classic look that shouldn’t be relegated to business meetings and weddings. They’ve got fun, casual, and playful options that’ll have you looking sharp without looking like a stooge. In short, go check them out. (If you’re still reading this you’re not going fast enough).


We really can’t emphasize this enough; a man needs a good suit. To hammer home this point, here’s a second menswear shop where you can get the suit of your dreams. Made to measure, totally custom; the possibilities are endless. Also, if you’re really determined to ignore us, you don’t have to get a suit. There are plenty of more everyday, casual options to choose from (including outerwear, in case Toronto winter’s getting the best of you). Also, you should know that you get $25 off your first purchase by signing up for the Indochino Insider newsletter, and that shipping is free on orders over $150. So go ahead. Buy that suit. We dare you.

Bright Skye Jewellery

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke diamond ring or just need your watch battery changed, Sam and Nidhia at Bright Skye Jewellery have you covered. Located in the lower level of St. Lawrence Market, the Tarfy husband and wife duo have been creating, repairing, and selling jewellery for over 25 years. With a wide assortment of pieces, from costume jewels to precious stones and metals, the Tarfy’s have items that appeal to every budget. And honestly, is it really an outfit if you don’t got any flare? 😉

Cherie’s Dressmaking

Strictly speaking, Cherie’s is not a retailer; she is a seamstress. But we had to include her for all of the brides, gala-goers, and other gown-wearers who are in need of a deft pair needle-wielding hands. All you have to do is glance at Cherie’s Yelp reviews to see that she’s the real deal; stories of dress-alteration miracles abound, some even saying they fell madly in love with a dress they hated before Cherie was through with it. So, brides and bride-entourages; if the dress just won’t work, make an appointment with Cherie. She’ll sort it right out.

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