For years Old Town Toronto has been the source of many fashionable places to be and places to be fashionable, with a number of clothing stores, jewellery stores, spas, and restaurants to have you feeling and looking your finest self.

And that’s not limited to humans. In fact, Old Town Toronto is a hot spot place to be for our furry friends of the canine persuasion. If you walk by the dog fountain at Berczy Park you’re bound to run into some of our little celebrities making friends.

And the experts agree as we’ve enlisted the help of some of the world’s leading icons in the haute couture dog fashion world to evaluate photos that OTT residents have sent in of their furry fashionistas.

Winterlicious Restaurants


Adopted from Save Our Scruff last year. Owner Amanda Betts describes the 7-year-old Cece as “photogenic, gentle, soulful, playful, people-friendly, and a dog that has lots of friends in the neighbourhood.”

Vera Wag: This is a pup who knows how to pose! And those colours! The purple harness matches perfectly with the pink name tag and aqua leash! Additional points for the respectable studded black collar that says “I’m ready for business, but let’s keep it fun”. 

I don’t have any tips for this pooch because she’s clearly got what it takes for the high-end fashion shows I attend. I can only imagine all the heads that turn when her and Amanda go to get coffee at Balzac’s or sit down for an evening vino break at Cantina Mercatto!



Molly is a Sheepadoodle that does double duty as a professional doctor and an Instagram influencer under the name @doctormollydoodle, where she has over 20 thousand followers. Here momager Breanne Kaduk is always there to take plenty of photos of her little star.

Yves Saint Bernard: Oh mon Dieu, quel beau toutou! Breanne, expect a call from my people insisting that Molly come to Milan with me for my next show! I’m looking through her Instagram now and I’m a fan of her trademark ponytail and inspired fashion choices! I notice for Halloween she had several different costumes and as a fashion designer, I must applaud this move!

However, as an international star and household name, take it from me, finding time for yourself is often hard. And for that I’d prescribe Doctor Molly with a spa day at PetLand Spa for her to be groomed and pampered so she can relax a bit from the tiring life of a star!



Galaxy (Or Gali as she’s often called by owners Jeremy and Holly) is a 7 month-old Golden Retriever, Lab, Husky and Blue Heeler mix. As Jeremy says, “She grew up, once fully vaccinated, playing at Berczy and making a ton of friends. Every time we go other owners can’t believe how much she’s changed as she grows in size almost every day!”

Barc Jacobs: It must be acknowledged how much fun Galaxy is having with the camera! Even some of the best models I’ve worked with don’t know what to do when it’s time for a photoshoot but that’s clearly not a problem Galaxy has. The smile, the pose, the pure energy! She’s having the time of her life in these photos and, my dear, it shows!

Now, as for fashion sense, this is a pooch who would look amazing in reds, purples, or even a vibrant fuchsia pink. And while she looks incredibly stylish in her harnesses and her leash is absolutely perfect, it always pays to accessorize more, darling! If I were you I’d take her down to Global Pet Foods on Lower Jarvis or Pet Cuisine & Accessories by St. Lawrence Market to pick out some quality seasonal leashes (And maybe a few delicious dog treats if we’re feeling naughty). Maybe you’ll find something space-themed to match her beautiful name!



This stylish young pooch is a dog meat trade survivor who enjoys going for walks and, clearly, looking his best while doing so. His owner William Yang tells us his name, Woojoo, is the name his rescuers gave him and means “Universe”

Jean Paw Gaultier: I am, how you say, intrigué et fasciné with The wonderful Woojoo! I must confess, with these well-shot photos that feature a perfect use of colourful blue harnesses that match so well with his fur, the boy is a natural for the camera!

I feel like Woojoo has a very playful nature so personally, I would love to see more photoshoots of him with toys. Truth be told, the Pet Valu on Front and Princess is where most furry icons I know go for their primo chew toys!



This little Toy Poodle is an up and comer in the fashion world, posting photos on Instagram under @rockythecitypup. According to his proud papa Marios Zachariae, He’s a known sock thief, ball chaser, and a connoisseur of artisan peanut butter.

Clawdia Sniffer: In all my years as a model you develop a sense of knowing who has what it takes to take the fashion world by storm and my dear, Rocky is a pup that I’ll be keeping my eye on. Every shot I’m looking at here is perfection. His combination of a winning smile, well-groomed features, and obvious love of the Old Town Toronto life are a triple threat that every designer looks for. 

With Rocky’s youthful looks he can afford to be daring in his fashion choices. My advice: go to Sniffany & Co. in the Distillery District and pick out an adventurous collar. Personally, I think the EPW pink seafoam collar is a fun every day look, but their navy ivory collar would be perfect when it’s time to get serious and the evening tulip collar would be the perfect accessory for a night out at Berczy Park.

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