Phew, we did it! We got through 2020 mostly sort of intact and we’re looking ahead to hopefully some more positive changes in the new year and overcoming whatever obstacles lay before us!

Now, we’re of the mindset that a brand spanking new year is a chance to start fresh and get into some new habits and routines all in the effort of bettering ourselves. But we also get that sometimes resolutions are kind of hard to stick to, so don’t worry, we’re here with some OTT businesses that can help get you on the path to the new you for 2021!  


Ben McNally Books –

Every year one of the top five resolutions on everyone’s list is to read more and there’s a good reason for that! Expanding your mind, taking in new perspectives, and learning about this fabulous world can get you on the way to being a better person!  And it just so happens that OTT is home to one of the city’s best bookstores, Ben McNally Books! From inspiring autobiographies to fascinating tales of history and science, they have all you need to grow that big beautiful brain of yours! 

Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started:

A Promised Land by Barack Obama

Pfft. Thanks, Obama! Remember when people said that? No? Sorry. 

One of 2020’s most anticipated and most successful books. In this stirring first volume of his presidential memoirs, Barack Obama chronicles his incredible journey to becoming the leader of the free world, detailing the key moments in his life and political career that made him the man he is today. This candid and intimate story underlines the importance of a democracy built on empathy, finding common ground, and putting in the long and difficult work of building a better tomorrow. So if acting a little more presidential is on your list, maybe take a few pointers from this guy.

Maiden Voyages: Women and the Golden Age of Transatlantic Travel by Siân Evans

Ah, a life at sea! The salty air! The salty margaritas! The delightfully salty sailor gossiping while drinking a salty margarita! 

In this fascinating book Siân Evans tells the previously untold stories of the many women travelling on transatlantic ocean liners after WWI when it was the only way to see the world. Not shying away from the class differences on decks and the struggles that come with ship life, Maiden Voyages will bring out the wanderlust in you while highlighting a previously unrecorded moment in time for women. Expect to hear some fascinating stories about Josephine Baker, a dancer from St Louis who found fame in Paris, the pioneering interior designer Sibyl Colefax, and Violet ”the unsinkable” Jessop, who survived the sinking of the Titanic.

Better Food

Look, hey, no judgements here, last year was a freakin’ train wreck and no one can be blamed for ordering, say, a large pepperoni lover’s pizza all to themselves every week. Not that I would…uh…know, of course, but I’m saying that I wouldn’t blame some random gorgeous, funny OTT blog writer for doing that. 

Thankfully, we also have some healthier food options to get you on the right track towards a better balance of food.

Urban Fresh Produce –

For over five years the folks at Urban Fresh Produce have been providing good greens out of St. Lawrence Market and they’re still going strong, offering curbside pickup for folks looking to get a hold of quality fruit and vegetables. Just email with your order and contact number to and they’ll take care of you!

Fresh on Front –

In the mood for takeout but still want to keep things balanced? Favourite vegan spot Fresh on Front has got you covered with their fabulously fresh bowls, delicious wraps, and nutritious cold-pressed juices available for takeout or delivery. We’re a big fan of their Goddess Bowl, with steamed baby bok choy, swiss chard, kale & broccoli, house-made taberu rayu, ginger chili tempeh, pickled ginger, sunflower nori gomasio, and tahini sauce served over brown basmati rice or soba noodles.


Let’s be honest here, folks. When all of this ends and it’s safe, we’re going to be doing a WHOLE LOTTA HUGGING. We’re talking family, loved ones, friends, the dogs you see at the park whose owners you forget the names of, everyone is getting hugged! And for that you’re going to need some tone in those arms! 

Area Fitness –

Area Fitness is now offering online yoga classes and personal training to help you keep fit while you’re staying inside! Book a class and get those muscles moving with help from Area’s incredible trainers and owner Coach Connie herself!

6S Fitness –

Want to get intense with CrossFit but the gyms are closed? Well, you’re in luck because the folks at 6S Fitness are open for business with an all-virtual fitness and nutrition coaching services so you need never leave your living room! As a member, you’ll have the tools to create your own custom plan, take part in online zoom workouts, and stay accountable by being a part of the vast 6S Fitness online community! Book your virtual consultation now and start the path to getting those hugging muscles ripped!

Beauty & Fashion

Remember in the before times when we didn’t wear sweatpants and pyjamas all day? Me neither. But research shows that we used to wear stylish clothes during the day and nothing quite makes a statement about the energy you want to put out into the world than a nice wardrobe! In addition to that, you may as well take care of your skin and hair so your clothes won’t be the only thing highlighting your fabulousness!

Garrison Bespoke –

Staying stylish is important and the fine folks at Garrison Bespoke on Wellington Street know this. Offering a wide range of men’s clothing and accessories for business, leisure, and everyday life, they’ll make sure you’re looking good no matter where you are. Honestly, we’re just loving the textured jacquard sports jacket they have in their online shop.

David Mitchell Studio –

While the main storefront at David Mitchell is closed due to the pandemic, their online shop is open for business offering a wide assortment of beauty products. From ACCA KAPPA White Moss Karite Body Butter and YONKA Excellence Code Creme to ORIBE shampoos and conditioners, David Mitchell Studio has what it takes to get you looking and feeling your best! And if you miss their famous hairstyling services and want to support them, you can always purchase a gift card as a present to yourself! Afterall, you’re worth it!

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