We’re just going to come out and say it. While we’ve been getting our retail therapy fix nicely through online stores, we miss being able to just go out on the (old) town to visit as many stores as possible and try out certain products ourselves before buying. We’re talking about anything from clothes and shoes to computers and bikes. Don’t get us wrong, these items can still be purchased online, but we’d definitely feel a lot better about making any big purchases by seeing how they look and feel for us first.

So instead those purchases get pushed aside to the “when this is all over” to-do list and we stay content with the clothes and other items we already have. The problem with that however is that after prolonged use you might find some of these things starting to wear out or break down completely. 


This post is for those times. After all, no good thing should go to waste and if your clothes, computer, or even home appliances have done good by you so far, it’s worth it to get them repaired to extend their life and keep them out of the landfill! Fortunately, you need not go far to do this, as Old Town Toronto, like everything else, has all you need. 



ASK Computers – 111 Front Street E., (416) 862-9595, askcomputers.ca

Okay, look, working from home is something we’re all getting used to and admittedly it’s a little frustrating when a computer issue can’t be resolved because we don’t have an IT specialist or an eye-rolling 13-year-old child to fix it for us. And even if we did, there are some issues that are a little beyond the abilities of a smug teenager.


Good thing that the folks at ASK Computers have been serving Toronto with quality repairs to computers, laptops, and phones for over 15 years, specializing in Apple products as well as PCs and Samsung phones. In addition to repairs, they also offer phone unlocking services and sell every computer and phone accessory you can imagine.


Rob’s Best Foot Forward – 20 Toronto Street, (416) 360-7463, robsbestfootforward.ca

It’s happened to the best of us. Your favourite pair of shoes, you know the ones, the pair that you wore to practically every party or popped on in order to go for a walk around the city, are getting a little run down. The sole has a hole in it or is now paper-thin, the sides are worn out, and you may be starting to think about throwing them away. 

But don’t fret! Your best kicks aren’t ready to kick the bucket just yet and with the help of Rob’s Best Foot Forward, you’ll be back on good footing in no time! Rob’s is in the business of rebuilding shoes and their good quality and excellent customer service have made them a Toronto favourite! From providing cleaning, lift additions, and zipper repair to calf alterations, winterization, and sole replacements, Rob’s Best Foot Forward is the place to go!


One of the things we miss most through this pandemic has been stepping into a fitting room of a clothing store and figuring out our latest wardrobe. Sadly, with those not available and the weird sizing differences that drive every woman crazy, we’ve been mostly stuck wearing last season’s favourites along with our comfy home clothes. As such, prolonged use is bound to create some problems. Everything from buttons falling off to rips and tears along the way are an inevitability, but thankfully Old Town Toronto has a number of shops offering quality clothing repairs! 


Market Cleaners – 156 The Esplanade, (416) 941-8996

Along with dry cleaning and some shoe repair services, Market Cleaners on The Esplanade are one of the best places in the city for clothing repairs and alterations. They can replace zippers, alter coats, shirts, and pants, and are able to work with literally any type of fabric including suede and leather. The quality is always fantastic, the prices are always reasonable, and the owners are incredibly nice.


Dry Cleaners Sherbourne – 59B Sherbourne Street, (416) 861-0816, drycleanerssherbourne.ca

The award-winning Dry Cleaners Sherbourne strives to be the city’s #1 choice for eco-friendly dry cleaning and alterations services. You want affordable and excellent quality at a reasonable price? Give them a call and they’ll get you sorted.



St. Lawrence Pro Hardware – 130 Lower Sherbourne Street, (416) 364-7439, pro-hardware-online.com

Sometimes it’s not the little things that need to be fixed. It could very well be some really big job for your home, be it a repair or just a DIY job that you’d like to take on. We got you covered.

Established in 1977 near the St. Lawrence Market, this family-run shop offers everything you need to get that renovation or repair job going, including tool rentals for that one-time job that doesn’t justify buying. They additionally offer key cutting and duplication services along with window screen repairing services.

Have a job that’s a bit beyond your abilities? No worries! St. Lawrence Pro Hardware also offers electrical equipment and lamp repair services! Give them a call to book an appointment!



Bright Sky Jewellery – St. Lawrence Market, Lower Level B19, 416.304.1287

We all have a beloved piece of jewellery, either given to us by our paramour, bought personally, or passed down from family. And hey, accidents happen or time and conditions change and repairs need to be done. And when we need repairs, we don’t just call any jeweller, we call Sam & Nidhia Tarfy at Bright Sky Jewellery. 


Sam and Nidhia have been selling jewellery in St. Lawrence Market for nearly 30 years and along with designing and creating their own beautiful custom jewellery made of semi-precious stones, they also do fantastic repair work as well as engravings. Give them a call and arrange a drop-off. You’re in the best of hands with Bright Sky Jewellery.

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