It’s been a hot minute since we first highlighted some of the fashion-forward dogs of Old Town Toronto and since then the pups of our little spot in the city have continued to match the humans when it comes to style. Berczy Park may continue to be the hot spot for dogs, but the fashion world always changes. And these furry fashionistas manage to stay on top of it.


So with that, we’ve brought in some well known celebrities, fresh off the plane back from the “Mutt Gala”, to comment on some of the reader-submitted pics of these cute stylemakers!  



First up we have social media influencer Milo! Milo is a ten-year old Maltese with youthful optimism and adorable looks that prove that age is only a number! You can usually find him walking the streets of Toronto in a number of fashion-forward outfits, but if you want some regular updates on his life, you can join his 101 thousand followers on Instagram, and nearly 32 thousand subscribers on YouTube!


Coco Kennel: First off my dear Milo I must say that you are absolutely radiant! Your smile, the way you walk and present yourself both when alone and in the company of friends screams professionalism and a keen eye for fashion! I particularly love your Vanderpump Pet ensemble in this photo! 


For a fellow fashion-lover, I’d recommend heading over to Pet Cuisine & Accessories by the St. Lawrence Market to pick up some incredibly “fetch” items. The seasons are changing, darling, and as Eddard Bark says in Game of Bones: “Winter is coming”, so you’ll want to plan ahead with a good winter coat to keep you warm during the cold months This wool grey Everest Explorer Vest should do the trick while also having other dogs turn their heads! 



Rei Rei is a pooch that absolutely loves city life! From exploring parks, catching some rays on the beach, and even stopping by Old Town Toronto for some quality brunch! 


Katy Hairy: Rei Rei, I dig your style, and you have good taste in Toronto brunch spots! When I was in Toronto recording my second album One of the Good Boys, I often found that a tall pumpkin spice puppuccino from Neo Coffee Bar on 161 Frederick St. while taking a nice stroll along Front Street towards Berczy Park was a classic city experience that just can’t be missed! If you haven’t done that you totally should!



There’s a lot about Mr. Pipkin that we love. He’s a Biewer Terrier who broke into the fashion scene back in 2019 and has been making waves ever since. He’s frequently spotted travelling with his puppy parents Vince and Irina, but calls Toronto home, and loves to shop local and be spotted in Old Town Toronto!. Plus his name is Mr. Pipkin. I mean, come on. That’s adorable.


Bonedict Cumberbark: Goodness! What an adorable little pooch! Mr. Pipkin, please forward your contact details to my agent, as I think you would be perfect for a co-starring role in my detective series. We’ll travel all over the world solving mysteries and it’ll be such fun!


I have no notes, as you are just wonderful on your own, but as a fellow traveller of the globe, I feel I must suggest Global Pet Foods on Lower Jarvis will have some quality treats to match your worldly palate. I’m personally a big fan of the Bullsters Tendon Chews and the Acana Beef Liver Crunchy Biscuits.



Miku is a su-paw-model and Brand Ambassador for Ellamore Boutique, which makes some very fashionable bandanas and accessories. On her Instagram you can spot her hanging with friends, playing around, eating some tasty-looking treats, and catching some sun!


Timothée Chewlamet: First up: Wow, this is such a good picture! Second: WOW, this is SUCH a cute model! Miku, let’s hit up the town together for some quality insta shots, okay? We’ll even have a girl’s day at PetLand Spa to get groomed and pampered before soaking up some rays and doing a bit of people watching at Berczy! 



Mia is a one year-old English cream mini dachshund puppy who is rocking the Girl Boss life by being the face of Floofy Pooch, a company that makes fashion-forward clothing and accessories for your floofy friend. When Mia isn’t on long photoshoots she can often be seen in parks sporting the brand while enjoying treats and sticks a’plenty

Renée Tailwagger: Oh my goodness, I know we’re supposed to offer our own suggestions here, but I need to go against my brief and gush a bit because I’m SUCH a fan of your work, Mia! In fact, I was THRILLED to see that there was a selection of Floofy Pooch products at my local Pet Valu on Front and Princess here in OTT simply because your photos had me wanting to look as stylish as you!  

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