Mother’s Day is approaching soon and as hectic as city life can get these days, it’s always good to take a moment to think of that person in our life whose support is unmatched, whose love runs deep, and who is always there for us. They go by many names, but more often than not they prefer the title of Mom.


Now, it should be noted that the role of “Mom” is a state of mind and, much like the personality of “Dad”, is one that transcends gender and can include found families and friend groups as well. Where a dad sports cargo shorts and makes bad puns, the Mom sings an improvised song while pouring wine into a “Live, Laugh, Love” glass before expressing concern over your choice of wardrobe. If you’ve ever announced an ill-advised plan to a group of people and heard one of them let out a sigh followed by the statement “just don’t hurt yourself” or watched a play and there was someone really overdoing it on the support of one of the minor actors, then you have experienced a Mom in the wild. A Mom is caring, loudly supportive, protective, and, much like the Dad, thinks they’re way funnier than they actually are. And for those reasons and many more, we love them.

So to all the Moms out there, we salute you and this day is for you!

But we understand that it can often be hard to figure out what to do for Mother’s Day that does justice to the appreciation and love you have for them. So with that, we’ve provided some recommendations based on the type of Mom you may have!


The “Oh, You Have To Try This Dish”  Mom

This is for the Moms out there who, whether it’s homemade or on a day out, love a good meal. 

An absolute must is kicking things off with Brunch at Le Petit Dejeuner for some of their incredible Eggs Benny & Friends or some classic French Toast served with eggs and bacon. From there we suggest heading right to the food-lover’s heaven itself, the St. Lawrence Market. Grab a coffee from Everyday Gourmet Coffee Roasters and a Creme Brulee tart from Eve’s Temptations and enjoy both while letting the sights and smells of the Market inspire your Mom. 

No experience of the Market is the same, so this is where the plan can be improvised a bit. A food-lover in St. Lawrence Market is like a kid in a candy store except it’s more of a candy market with over 120 individual candy stores to explore. That said, we suggest getting a truffle, a bottle of balsamic, or a fancy tin of caviar from Caviar Direct. Or you could pick up a jar of seasoning from Saha International Cuisine (we suggest the shish taouk Middle Eastern chicken marinade). Or you could buy ALL THE CHEESE at Chris’ Cheese-Mongers. This is the chance for your Mom to go hog wild and let their passion for culinary artistry inspire them. 

Before you know it, it’s dinner time and you can declare it “Mom’s Choice” for where to go, confident that OTT has nearly any type of cuisine just a short walk away. We have sublime Italian (ARDO, Amano Trattoria, Biagio), Indian (Bindia Indian Bistro, Benares Cucina Indian, Bombay Palace), Japanese (Moegi Sushi, Aya260 Sushi), and pub style (P.J. O’Brien Irish Pub & Restaurant, Betty’s, Banknote Bar) to name just a few. You just can’t go wrong for a fine dining experience in the neighbourhood.

And finally we land on dessert and there’s no better way to indulge in a sweet tooth than with a lava cake from Melt ‘N Dip. Cake stuffed with hot chocolate and covered with Belgian chocolate served with a scoop of Italian Ice Cream is frankly the perfect way to end an epic day of food!

The “Oh My Goodness, I Love It!” Mom

This is the spot for Moms who aren’t terribly fussed about going out, but they’re a huge fan of incredible gifts with thought and love put into them. 

Picking out a sweet Mother’s Day card from Toronto’s First Post Office is a great way to express how you feel about your dear Ma. You can start the day off simply with some fresh-baked bread from the George Street Diner’s Farrelly’s Famous Irish Soda Bread Mix which will be ready to bake in five minutes! Be sure to pair it with Farrelly’s Famous Traditional Irish Marmalade for a tasty combo. And the start of the day wouldn’t be complete without some fresh brewed coffee with beans from Fahrenheit Coffee!

If your Mom is a fan of jewellery, the folks at ATTIC will be able to help you find the perfect gift that is timeless, simple, attractive, and durable. From simple gold chains and charm necklaces to rings with sparkling sapphire, you just can’t miss with these excellent quality pieces.

And if your Mom appreciates a good book, you can scope out D & E Lake Ltd., one of Toronto’s largest rare book stores and see if your Mom’s favourite book or a selection from their favourite author is there. Additionally if you give them enough time they might even be able to find it for you if they don’t have it! 

The “Can I Just Say That I’m Having a Wonderful Time” Mom

This is for the Mom who loves having experiences. From a spa day to a restaurant with comically-sized portions, having a special day devoted to your Mom is one that they will enjoy and talk about for years to come.

First up is to start the day with some yoga at BeHot Yoga, which is currently offering an introduction deal of five classes for $75. An early morning hot yoga session is the perfect way to get your body and mind ready for a day of pampering! We’re talking about the full treatment. A traditional Thai massage at Bahn Thai Spa, a mani/pedi at Nebula Nails & Spa, and ending with a new hair style from Curl Bar Beauty Salon or Qi Salon.

Next up is dinner and from there you have some options. For food that everyone can enjoy, The Old Spaghetti Factory and Gabby’s will have hearty portions and a fun atmosphere that your Mom will love. For an elegant night out, Motorino Citta, Mangia & Bevi, and Carisma all provide a divine dining experience with fantastic wines that you won’t soon forget.

To end the night we’d suggest some drinks at Brash & Sassy Vodka Lounge for a 1920’s-style cocktail and performances that include DJs and fire performers!

The “It’s Wine O’clock Somewhere In The World” Mom

Break out the Grigio, because this one is for the Moms who love unmatched experiences of food and leisure that pair well with a glass of wine present. This section is less about creating a full day around wine, but more some tips on where to go if you’d like a glass of something nice with your food. 

Many of the places mentioned in the experiences above are unmatched with their wine selection. Cantina Mercatto has one of the finest selections in the city, and HOTHOUSE has 50% off bottles on Thursdays along with an extensive selection for takeout. 


Additionally bottles can be found at The Wine Shop with special mixed cases that match all tastes and budgets! For something a little hard to find, you can grab a bottle of something special at GoodGood’s extensive cellar while finding a suitable snack to pair it with. 

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