It’s doggone beautiful outside in Old Town Toronto which means it’s time to feature some of the neighbourhood’s most photogenic pooches. Tell us which one you think is the goodest boy or girl on Instagram. Always remember to keep your fur kid on a leash, and pay close attention to what they’re sniffing (or trying to eat) as tulips and many other flowers are toxic to dogs. 

Doctor Molly Doodle

Doctor Molly Doodle has a Ph.D. in sass and an MA in beautifulness. Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. 


Our next entry, entitled “Milo in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Though we can already tell he’s 100% good and not at all struggling with the intrusive thought of eating all those gorgeous flowers. No Milo, no. 


This is Max. Max is in St. James Park. But as he is what’s known as a “void puppy” it’s kind of hard to tell. Max is posing very prettily because there is a treat behind the camera that his human is holding hostage. The treat will be his soon. 

Mochi Toy Boy

Mochi Toy Boy may not be able to appreciate the beautiful tulips behind him because he’s colour-blind, but the squirrel he’s staring down is a true work of art.



This is Olive. She insisted on wearing her orange collar to match the blooms of St. James Park and we think it totally works. Fun fact: attached to her harness is a measuring tape so she can ensure the flowers are no more than 3 feet high to abide by city ordinances (and good taste). Tulips taller than two feet are just too showy, and Olive doesn’t abide tackiness. 


Jeera the Dood has no idea where he is. No thoughts. Only vibes. We could all learn a lot from this happy little man. 


Fun fact: Misty hasn’t closed her mouth in 8 years. She has a medical condition known as “bloop tongue” where it constantly hangs out the side of her mouth. Misty also suffers from “loch ness syndrome” in that her neck is unusually long. Thankfully, these conditions are not life threatening and the only side effect is it makes her irresistible to pet- just be sure to ask her human first and be prepared for some slobber. 


This is Ouzo. Ouzo got off the sauce in ‘99 and since then he’s been adamant about getting out and smelling the roses (or tulips). We wish you all the best in your sobriety Ouzo; you’re a credit to beagles everywhere. 


Ripley may have been named after the bad-ass heroine played by Sigourney Weaver in the Aliens franchise, but she doesn’t have a hard bone in her body. Except for her head. Right now the chicken song is playing in there on repeat. Before that, “7 Rings” by Arianna Grande lived rent-free in her noodle for 2 years. 

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